adolescent therapy

Adolescent Therapy

You may be concerned and unsure how to help your adolescent or teen. Individual Therapy, in addition to parenting treatment, provides a secure, supported environment for your teen to express their voice and build emotional literacy and emotional regulation.


Nicki develops a comfortable, supportive, and sensitive relationship with your teen based on her over two decades of experience working with teenagers and her journey as a parent of two teens and one tween. She will assist your adolescent in addressing difficulties and clarifying their evolving values and hopes for themselves. Nicki is conscious of the bounds of confidentiality with children and will always include parents in this therapy if safety concerns emerge.

Why Nest Therapy

Nest Therapy provides an environment for individuals, couples, and families to seek insight, guidance, and support as they navigate the challenges of parenthood, relationships, adolescence, and beyond.

Nicki, the founder, specializes in individual, couple, and family therapy and will engage you with warmth, understanding, and support. With over two decades of therapeutic experience and skill, Nicki will confidently and gently guide you toward your goals for change, whether for your emotional well-being or the emotional well-being of a loved one.

Over 2 Decades of Experience

Great Reviews

Extensive Training

Dedicated Support

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