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Therapy is a crucial investment in yourself that will have far-reaching advantages for your well-being and the emotional well-being of others you care about. Nicki, at NEST therapy, can support you through the following therapies.

Individual Therapy

Individual counselling can assist you in comprehending and developing awareness and compassion for “why” things are the way they are.


Using systemic therapy models, you will reflect on the roots of ‘stuck’ patterns of behaviour, typically behaviours that served you well in the past but are currently causing discomfort.

Adolescent Therapy

You may be concerned and unsure how to help your adolescent or teen. Individual Therapy, in addition to parenting treatment, provides a secure, supported environment for your teen to express their voice and build emotional literacy and emotional regulation.

Couple & Family Therapy

A solid and reliable relationship boosts happiness, lowers loneliness, and improves mental health.

Nest Therapy can help bring about positive change in couples and families who may be struggling with communication, connection, trust, and the inevitable life changes such as birth, marriage, divorce, parenting, retirement, and death. 

Eating Disorder Therapy

Nest Therapy provides specialized family-based treatment (FBT) to children and adolescents suffering from eating problems. FBT is now the most promising, evidence-based treatment for children and adolescents struggling with Anorexia Nervosa.

It may also be appropriate for some young people diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa.

Why Nest Therapy

Nest Therapy provides an environment for individuals, couples, and families to seek insight, guidance, and support as they navigate the challenges of parenthood, relationships, adolescence, and beyond.

Nicki, the founder, specializes in individual, couple, and family therapy and will engage you with warmth, understanding, and support. With over two decades of therapeutic experience and skill, Nicki will confidently and gently guide you toward your goals for change, whether for your emotional well-being or the emotional well-being of a loved one.

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