common concerns of clients

Therapy is a safe space where people from all walks of life can come to discuss a wide range of issues. Below are some common concerns Nest Therapy can help with.

  • “I just can’t turn my mind off,”
  • “what if I can’t meet their expectations?!”,
  • “they are judging me….”,
  • “I feel so agitated all the time….”
  • “I can’t see the colour anymore,”
  • “everything feels so heavy…”,
  • “it’s so hard to get out of bed ….”, 
  • “I just don’t see the point…”
  • “I’m not good enough,”
  • “I’ll never succeed,”
  • “I will never be accepted.”
  • “I can’t even look in the mirror!”
  • “he’s always in his room,
  • he won’t talk to us anymore,”
  • “I’ve found out she’s cutting,”
  • “he just can’t seem to concentrate in class,”
  • “she’s just come out as gay..”.
  • “he just won’t communicate with me!”
  • “it’s always her way; I have no voice”
  • “he’s been cheating on me..”
  • “I just feel so lonely” 

Why Nest Therapy

Nest Therapy provides an environment for individuals, couples, and families to seek insight, guidance, and support as they navigate the challenges of parenthood, relationships, adolescence, and beyond.


Nicki, the founder, specializes in individual, couple, and family therapy and will engage you with warmth, understanding, and support. With over two decades of therapeutic experience and skill, Nicki will confidently and gently guide you toward your goals for change, whether for your emotional well-being or the emotional well-being of a loved one.

Over 2 Decades of Experience

Great Reviews

Extensive Training

Dedicated Support

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